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For our customers, as an accredited examination center (AEO), we offer the service of taking examinations on the subject of ITIL® in a wide range of languages, subject to certain conditions and without having to attend a seminar. Dates for our open examination sessions are constantly updated on our homepage.
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  • ITIL® Foundation Certification (215€)



  • ITIL® Foundation – self-study of the content, or visit a seminar at a training provider


ITIL® Foundation Certification

The certification exam follows the seminar. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Participants must answer at least 65% of these questions in 60 minutes and gain a sufficient number of marks (min. 26 out of 40). Two credits and the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management are awarded for a pass. This certification is the prerequisite for the Intermediate and Expert levels of ITIL® certification.

Candidates who take the exam in a language that is not their first, and participants with special requirements (such as health conditions) are entitled to extra time for the exam. Please inform us at the registration stage if you would like us to request an extended exam time for you.


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Products that will be added:

  • ITIL® Foundation Certification (215€)

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Examination ITIL® FoundationenglishMunich2020-09-03yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2020-09-03yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationenglishMunich2020-07-10yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2020-07-10yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationenglishMunich2020-05-11yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2020-05-11yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationenglishMunich2020-03-30yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2020-03-30yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationenglishMunich2020-02-17yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2020-02-17yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2019-12-9yesfrom 30,00*
Examination ITIL® FoundationgermanMunich2019-12-9yesfrom 30,00*
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