Das Team um die ncc solutions GmbH hat sich mit  der ServiceNow App CableCarNow bis ins Finale des diesjährigen ServiceNow Hackathon vorgearbeitet.


Das Interview des Finalisten
 (by Kees Henniphof)

San Francisco needs CableCarNow!
The app of Team CableCarNow was born out of frustration. The world famous cable cars of San Francisco are always full and the queues at the stops are way too long. “So the city needs a solution and it needs it fast,” said Melhem El-Achkar, who is a managing partner at ncc solutions out of Munich, Germany. “This is our second Hackathon, with some slight changes to the team. Last year, we created CasinoNow, a blackjack app that got us great acclaim. This year, we’re not playing games; we address a real issue in this city.”

Our app has two parts: one part is consumer-facing, one is the back-office where the cable cars are managed. Through an API with Google Maps, consumers can see where the cable cars are. Using sensors, we’d push back information on the length of the queue and the capacity of the cars. That way, consumers know when they can expect t find an available spot. They can then purchase tickets online using the mobile app.

Because all variables – cars, routes, stations – are Configuration Items, we can apply the full service management capabilities to this story. We incident and asset management to keep track of the status of our cable cars, we use financial management to track tickets sold. Incident and problem management for cars that break down. We have it all covered. The city needs this!”

CableCarNow consists of Melhem El-Achkar, Konstantin Bazanov and Thomas Fregin of ncc solutions, Chris Bailey of Pro Health Care and Maxime Richard of Imakumo.

CableCarNow Mobile UI

Ohne Mehraufwand oder zusätzliche / doppelte Programmierung steht der CableCarNow Service Katalog auch auf mobilen Geräten zur Verfügung. Sehen Sie Fahrpläne ein oder beziehen Sie Cable Car Tickets direkt über ServiceNow!