… or why it is still worth improving your knowledge of ITIL® V3.

Depending on the number of ITIL® V3 certificates you have already earned there are diverse recommendations for the most time and cost-effective transition to ITIL® 4.

Credits are given for each ITIL® V3 certificate. 2 credits for the ITIL® V3 Foundation certificate. ITIL® Lifecycle certificates like ITIL® Service Operation, Transition, Strategy, Design or CSI earn 3 credits each.

Please note that advanced ITIL® 4 certifications have only been announced for the 2nd half of 2019! Our recommendation to all candidates who are currently on the way to becoming ITIL® Experts is thus clearly to continue to follow this path consistently and subsequently make the transition to ITIL® 4 via the ITIL® MP Transition module.

You have earned at least 17 credits according to the ITIL® V3 certification scheme or are already an ITIL® V3 Expert

AXELOS will offer a transition module to ITIL® Managing Professional for candidates with extensive knowledge of ITIL® V3 (at least 17 credits). It is currently not known when this module and the corresponding certification examination will be published. We expect these at the earliest end of 2019 (and then initially only in English). Once the candidate has passed the transition examination they qualify as an ITIL® Managing Professional in the ITIL® 4 certification scheme. If the candidate is also interested in acquiring the status of an ITIL® Strategic Leader they only have to take the ITIL® Leader Digital & Strategy module additionally. As soon as both streams have been completed their path to the ITIL® Master is clear. AXELOS will publish more details on the ITIL® Master at a later date.

You have already earned 8 or more credits from ITIL® V3 certifications

We recommend that candidates who have already collected 6 or more credits beyond ITIL® V3 Foundation certification take additional ITIL® V3 Lifecycle training and certification until they have reached the minimum requirement of at least 17 credits in total, enabling them to take the transition module for ITIL® Managing Professional.

You have earned less than 8 credits from ITIL® V3 certifications

For candidates who have collected less than 8 credits there are two options depending on the intended qualification scheme:

Option 1: You complete the ITIL® 4 Foundation certification and an additional module, depending on personal tasks or interests, to qualify as an ITIL® Specialist, Strategist or Leader.

Option 2: You continue to collect credits according to the ITIL® V3 certification scheme until you have earned 17 credits and then take the ITIL® MP Transition examination to qualify as an ITIL® Managing Professional.

You have as yet only taken the ITIL® V3 Foundation certification

Candidates who have not collected any credits beyond the ITIL® V3 Foundation certification must now take the ITIL® 4 Foundation examination. AXELOS will not offer an ITIL® V3 Foundation Bridge certification for transition to ITIL® 4 at Foundation level. However exccon has developed a one-day training for "Transition to ITIL® 4 Foundation" which successfully prepares candidates for the ITIL® 4 Foundation examination in one day.

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