PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition

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As of 14.06.21, classroom training is possible again!

As a participant in the two-day “PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition” seminar, you will get to know and understand the various processes, topics, techniques, roles and management products in detail. You will gain the know-how to create management products and determine their use. A further goal of the Foundation Seminar is to determine the role function, i.e. which role is assigned to which employee, what is expected of him and how can he successfully achieve his goals?

What do you get?

Accredited training material

Lunch, beverages & snacks included (not included in the virtual live seminar)

Extensive exam preparation

The training will prepare you optimally for the PRINCE2® Foundation examination. For classroom trainings, the exam will be held at the end of the second day of the course. For virtual live seminars, which are held online, you can arrange your individual exam date directly with the exam provider PeopleCert.

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PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition Certification (215€)


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Learning objectives

In the PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition seminar you will learn in detail about and gain an understanding of the various processes, principles, themes, and management products. The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2® method to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supporting PRINCE2®. The foundation level is also a prerequisite for the practitioner certification.

Participants & prerequisites


  • Project team members
  • Project managers



  • None


PRINCE2® Foundation 6th Edition Certification

For classroom trainings, this closed-book certification exam follows the seminar. For virtual live seminars, which are held online, you can arrange your individual exam date directly with the exam provider PeopleCert.

It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, of which at least 33 (55%) must be answered correctly within 60 minutes. Upon successful completion candidates will receive the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate, which is the first step in the PRINCE2® certification scheme.

Candidates who take the exam in a language that is not their first, and participants with special requirements (such as health conditions) are entitled to extra time for the exam. Please inform us at the registration stage if you would like us to request an extended exam time for you.


  1. Eva Ehm

    “Very good. A lot of information in a very short time. Excellent trainer and information.” Paul Bussen, IT Solutions Specialist (AO Foundation), participant PRINCE2® Foundation, Munich

  2. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “One of the best and interesting course I ever had. No joke.” Seminarteilnehmer PRINCE2® Foundation, Genf

  3. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “Well organized, with good material and very good professor and explanations.” In-house training, Vienna

  4. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “Trainer: very well in all areas.” Scheduled training, Munich

  5. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “The content of the course was really interesting. The pace at which the course was given was very well adapted. The trainer provided meaningfull examples and illustrations. Regarding all of this, I would recommend this course to my colleagues.” In-house training, Switzerland

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