ITIL<sup>®</sup> Continual Service Improvement

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The CSI seminar teaches participants how to achieve sustainable improvements in the IT services offered as part of IT service management.

Participants will learn about the need to deal consciously with the actual and target status. Once a service has been planned and developed, put into operation, and is up and running, the quality must be continually measured in order to unearth potential for improvement. The participants will learn what these measures and observations are, how they are implemented, and how they are used.

What do you get?

Official literature & accredited training material

Lunch, beverages & snacks included

Extensive exam preparation

The aim is to generate an understanding of how service efficiency is best tailored to the constantly changing needs of a company. This will then lend optimum support to the business processes in question.

Course outline (PDF)

Related examination**

ITIL® CSI Certification (275€)

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Learning objectives

Processes and functions relating to

  • CSI improvement process
  • Service reporting


  • Organization
  • Methods, techniques, and tools
  • Implementation
  • Exam preparation and Continual Service Improvement certification

Participants & prerequisites


  • Executives
  • Process managers
  • IT consultants, and project managers, who are responsible for introducing and implementing ITIL® processes



  • ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (V3 or later) or the
  • ITIL® Foundation Bridge certificate
  • Completion of the Continual Service Improvement course at an accredited training organization (ATO)


ITIL® CSI Certification

The certification exam follows the seminar. It consists of eight multiple-choice questions based on scenarios. Participants must answer at least 70% of these questions in 90 minutes and gain a sufficient number of marks. Three credits are awarded for a pass.

Candidates who take the exam in a language that is not their first, and participants with special requirements (such as health conditions) are entitled to extra time for the exam. Please inform us at the registration stage if you would like us to request an extended exam time for you.


ITIL® V3 (2011) Continual Service Improvement – book

ISBN: 9780113313082
Price: free
Language: English


  1. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “Pretty useful. Competent trainer.” Scheduled training, Munich

  2. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “The specific course together with the trainers qualification was helpful in order to understand business logic in IT.” Scheduled training, Munich

  3. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “Well framed. Very interesting and met my expectation. Very fresh presentation.” In-house training, Germany

  4. Dagmar Schuler Dagmar Schuler

    “Very intense but professionally lead and coordinated course. Well organised and friendly company. Thanks!” In-house training, Germany

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