ITIL® 4 is the new version of the familiar framework. We are currently living in times of unprecedented change with technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D print or the internet of things (IoT) – the fourth industrial revolution. The new version of ITIL® takes this change into account. It does not turn the framework upside down – does not revolutionise the framework – but rather offers a practical and flexible basis, which accompanies you on your path of digital transformation and supports your company in the orientation of human, digital and material resources – ITIL® 4 helps you survive in the modern, complex and agile environment!

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ITIL® 4 retains many of the key elements which make ITIL® so valuable for you and your company.

Qualification scheme & Training paths – ITIL® 4

The qualification model has changed fundamentally compared to ITIL® V3

The ITIL® Foundation Certificate continues to serve as a basis for all further courses. However, please note that an ITIL® V3 Foundation Certificate does not qualify you directly to attend further ITIL® 4 courses. In this case you first have to pass the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification. If you already have several ITIL® V3 certifications the bridge course offered may be of interest to you.

Based on this, 5 further courses and certifications are available, divided into two streams and leading to different qualifications depending on the participants' focus. In ITIL® 4 there are now two highest accolades: the ITIL® Managing Professional and the ITIL® Strategic Leader – in contrast to ITIL® V3, which concluded with the Expert.

The qualification “ITIL® Managing Professional” is for IT employees with a technical or digital focus. This training path communicates practical and technical knowledge of how to promote IT-supported services and workflows successfully and includes the following modules:

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support
  • ITIL® Specialist: Drive Stakeholder Value
  • ITIL® Specialist: High Velocity IT
  • ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve (universal module for both streams)

The qualification “Strategic Leader” expands the focus from pure IT operations to all IT-supported services in the company. With this qualification you prove your understanding of how IT influences and controls business strategy. This training path includes the following modules:

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation
  • ITIL® Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve (universal module for both streams)
  • ITIL® Leader: Digital & IT Strategy

All seminars are implemented according to the new AXELOS curriculum.

What is new?

ITIL® 4 retains many of the key elements which make ITIL® so valuable for you and your company. However, rigid patterns and structures have been broken down and the Service Lifecycle, for example, has been replaced by a more flexible model. ITIL® 4 should help companies and IT organisations be more agile, react more flexibly and provide services faster and more dynamically. Current topics like DevOps, Cloud, digital transformation and Agile are becoming increasingly important.

Thanks to a holistic approach to product development and the provision of services ITIL® 4  will also become more relevant for software developers and service management specialists. ITIL® 4 promotes a holistic view of IT and stresses the importance of collaboration, transparency, automating and working holistically.


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matrix technology AG
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ITIL® Expert Ausbildung, München

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